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I have been writing winning proposals for over 20 years, either in a sales role or helping clients in an advisory capacity using the Services described. See below for examples of my success and how this could apply to your business.
Bid writing and review



In my role as an independent consultant I have provided bid writing and review support to clients across the technology, telecommunications, construction services and FM services sectors bidding for both public and private sector business. 

With one client in the Telecommunications sector for example, I support their Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their written responses by reviewing their initial responses and applying persuasive writing techniques to improve the quality of the answer. Iterative reviews mean that the response is continually enhanced and SMEs learn as part of the process.


Reviews include these initial content reviews through to running formal pink and red team reviews. These reviews are used to improve the score of each section of the bid based on the client's scoring scriteria. I use a spreadsheet to monitor progress and keep the bid team up to date on the status of their response.



Strategy development



I have worked on a number of successful bids into the public and private sectors for this client. This particular systems integration bid was into a major UK Public Sector organisation.


I ran a two day strategy workshop with the client and their bidding partners to help them uncover the customer's perception of them and their competitors, including analysis of customers's hot buttons and the positve and negative discrimators of client team and their competitors.


Coached the client's team in producing proposal strategy statements and on persuasive writing techniques ('writing to win'). Helped the client produce storyboards for individual sections ensuring that they were able to articulate complex concepts clearly and simply.


Worked closely with the client's senior team to produce the Executive Summary, this included providing them with a draft tempate and ongoing reviews of all drafts.



Bid management

I have bid managed a large number of private and public sector bids with values ranging from £50k to £10m.

I worked as Proposals Manager for a Joint Venture of three construction / infrastructure companies bidding for HS2 Enabling Works (3 Lots) and Main Works (4 Lots) with contract values ranging from £200m to £1.1bn.

This senior role, working for the Bid Director, involved:

  • Managing and supporting a team of up to 12 bid writers

  • Owner of Bid Strategy - producing guidance documentation and ensuring that this was reflected across the bids

  • Management and leadership of all bid reviews

  • Ensuring wider bid team (of up to 50 people plus supply chain partners) contributed effectively to the quality submission

  • Produced the bid plan for the quality submission (12 weeks for Enabling Works, 26 weeks for the Main Works) and ensured the bid timetable was kept to.

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